What is the process to develop an economic policy that provides services and sustainability?

Sustainability, that is the goal of any nation to keep their people happy, their deficit low and their jobs high. The United States was, at one point, a huge industrial country. We produced almost everything we used, and very little was imported from other countries. Now, we are a nation of services and those production jobs have long since moved to Mexico or China. This is not good for economic sustainability, and can only lead to disaster later on down the road. We also have an abundance of natural resources that are being wasted.  Sustainability is not done by using the resources you have to no end, and not developing new ones that are better. One major resource we have is people, there are a lot of people in  the United States and a ton of great knowledge is wasted on meaningless tasks. Being a Socialist, I feel that Sustainability and Services that benefit the greater good are ideal for any country, rather than developing a sense of wealth from products, we should learn to better help each other. If we do not act soon, our children will inherit a lifeless planet devoid of any type of resource. Do you feel that more money should be spent on finding new resources than on other things? I also feel we should spend more money on education. It is no secret that the United States is falling behind the other developed nations of the world in Education. If we had an educational system that helped students grow and learn, rather than based around profits, I feel we would explore new possibilities of human growth than ever dreamed of.


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